Sandra E Sinclair

Who is Sandra E Sinclair?

Sandra E Sinclair is a dreamer and hopeless romantic. She see romance in everything she does. Even just walking her dogs. Who knew poop picking could be a sweet and wholesome practice. Sandra does, almost anything can be consider romantic when it heartfelt and done with love, and she loves her dogs. 

Sandra grew up in London, England where the skies are often gray and the streets could be cleaner. However, she doesn't let this dampen her spirits. She loves her home town and considers herself a true blue Londoner. Who’s happy to find her sunshine overseas, and she does, as often as she can. It’s through traveling abroad that she finds her inspiration for her stories.

Her stories are designed to elicit every emotion in her readers. You will laugh, cry, be shocked and titillated.  The one thing you won't be, is bored.

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Books by Sandra:

Island Promise
Thrown together through circumstances not of their making. Ethan and Hasana must work together and in harmony to ensure the future of Catica Island.

A compelling prologue to an awesome series, of love in the sun...

Coming Soon... June 16th 2016, put this date in your diary...

Island Bound
When Leigh dived into the ocean to save the islands newbie resident Neil Manning, he had no idea how much his life was about to change.

A sweet, clean gay romance where life altering secrets are revealed.

AVAILABLE...July 16th 2016

Island Rapture
Ethan and Hasana jumped the broom, but have they jumped the gun. Will this be a marriage made in Heaven or Hell?

You'll have to wait and see, as this heart warming, humorous concluding episode's tale of love, keeps surprising you in almost every chapter.

AVAILABLE...August 18th 2016

Island Pearl

AVAILABLE...August 25th 2016

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