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The Catica Island Inspired Romance books are a series of books, written by different authors, all taking place on the fictional island of Catica.  You will meet characters who will be seen in other stories, and you will get to feel like you are spending time on the island with them.

The authors all write sweet, clean romance - across different genres.  You will read some sweet contemporary, science-fiction and gay romance.

We all believe everyone deserves to find true love, and sometimes, readers would like to have the beautiful romance of the story without all of the juicy details.

The first series is written for the summer crowd - with a wedding theme in mind.  All of the books will have ties to Catica Island, and will include a wedding.  You will receive one book a week for the entire summer.  Each book will be an easy afternoon read - you can enjoy a wonderful story while laying on the beach or in your hammock in the yard.

The books do not have to be read in any certain order, and you don't need to read one to understand them all.  They are all standalone books with intermingling characters and places.  (Except for the Prologue book, which should be read first to get an idea of the set up and the final book).

So, read the ones you want - or read them all!  These books will keep you busy all summer, and each Thursday you can expect a new release to enjoy over the weekend.

**All books are available on Amazon - always free with Kindle Unlimited.

Here is the schedule of releases:


Island Promise is a 13K word novella, and the prequel book that will tie together this pioneering beach romance series. 

Ethan Shamsi, an autistic savant with the Midas touch, and Hasana Bennet, a sharp witted, cut-throat business woman, are the most unlikely pair you will ever meet. Thrown together through circumstances beyond their control, they are forced to make the best of a bad situation, each finding the other immensely infuriating.

However, they must find a way to work together to continue the smooth running of Catica Island, a place full of romance, new beginnings, and second chances. The problem is, both of them have been burnt by love, affecting their views about true love. Ethan still believes true love exists, he just hasn’t found it yet, whereas Hasana is cynical and has sworn off love forever. No matter their personal feelings, they must sell the fantasy to 
the tourists that come to the island.

Is it possible these two poorly matched characters can pull it off, when they seem unable to do anything together but fight?



Kennedy has spent the past ten years getting over the guy who hurt her.  When her friend asks her to pull some strings so she can have her wedding on Sunset Beach, the dream destination for every bride in the world, Kennedy knows she will be face to face with him all over again.

Seeing him again brings out all of the insecurity she felt in high school as she comes to terms with her feelings while they work together to prepare for the wedding.

Spencer was the high school quarterback, dating the head cheerleader, who had always followed what the norm was expected from him.  He never realized how much he had hurt the girl he stood up at the prom, but she’s letting him know now!  

The woman in front of him has stolen his senses, and he knows he has to make things right between them.  She is the one person he has missed in his life, and he wants to fix the damage he did all those years ago.

As they are forced together for a week on Catica Island, they will get the time to know each other again, and try to fix past wrongs, while dealing with new mistrusts and deception.

Is it too late for second chances? 



Evia’s not yet figured out how to move on after the devastation she’s experienced, and the loss of her fiancĂ©.

Adair has suffered his own loss, and with a 5-year-old daughter, has no time for relationships.

Mutually, they believe true love only comes around once in a lifetime and has concluded they’ve had their shot.  But, when their paths cross, the intervention of fate will cause them to reevaluate their lives, offering them a second chance at love.

When an unknown enemy makes their presence known, their flourishing romance is tested. Neither knows who’s behind the threats but soon they won’t have to guess.

With the threats turning into something more, can their relationship survive or will harmful intentions put an end to their love story midway, ruining their fairytale ending?


This is a sweet and clean gay story about men who find love…

Leigh Patterson and Ethan Shamsi grew up together and believe they know all there is to know about each other. However, Leigh has a secret he has never shared with anyone -- a secret he believes will tear their friendship apart if Ethan ever found out. Leigh is smart, handsome and rich, so why does he work for Ethan, as his personal assistant, when he doesn’t have to?

The answer may lie with the red-head, Neil Manning whose life Leigh saves by fishing him out of the ocean on his first day on Catica Island. Ethan tells Leigh that by saving Neil, Neil’s life is now bound to Leigh’s.

Neil’s presence stirs emotions, feelings and desires Leigh has worked hard to keep hidden. But when Leigh starts doing things out of character, like placing a complete stranger’s needs in front of Ethan’s, he has to step back and reflect on his life and the fact he has been denying his true self for over two decades. Not only had he been lying to his best friend, but to himself.

It is time to come clean and become the man he was meant to be, but in doing so will he lose the only person in his life he called friend?


Nicole Grant, a hard-working young corporate attorney known to keep her clients out of trouble by anticipating problems and keeping their affairs out of the public eye, is sent to romantic Catica Island to forestall potential liability for a mysterious event. But Nicole meets her match in the handsome and attentive media strategist, Jordan Greene, also on Catica Island ~ on a mission to maximize publicity for the same event. Must Nicole guard against new developments or are some risks worth taking?


Blake Cameron and Jessica Daniels believe love is not for them, but over one magical summer, Fate has other ideas. 

Blake is a soldier discharged from duty with wounds and PTSD. Consumed by guilt because he could not save his best friend, Matthew, killed before his eyes in heavy fighting, he is worn out by years of suffering and believes he serves no useful purpose in living. 

Fate brings him unexpectedly to an island paradise where he meets new people and finds a new purpose to his life. However, when he finds himself attracted to a beautiful young woman with problems of her own, his first instinct is to leave, believing he is not ready to get involved with anyone. 

Jessica Daniels has devoted herself to caring for Faith, her sister’s orphaned four-year-old daughter who has not spoken since the accident which killed her parents and left her with minor wounds. 

When she was offered free accommodation and part-time work on Catica Island, she happily took it, believing the island would be an ideal place for Faith to recover in tranquil surroundings. Finding love and happiness for herself is not something she considers, she has other, more important things on her mind. 
Will Fate keep bringing these two people together until they must face the reality of their attraction and find a way to acknowledge it to each other? 


A stranger has been threatening blonde waitresses at the Blue Moon Restaurant on Catica Island.  Ethan Shamsi, the co-owner of the island has hired protection for them all until the man can be caught.

Bridget is one of the waitresses who needs protecting, and Adam, the man assigned to her, is abrasive and aloof, and he takes his job seriously.  Until, along with Bridget, he is forced to play a role his training did not prepare him for. For one week, the two of them play their parts well, only to discover that perhaps the feelings they are portraying aren’t all pretend.

But, Adam has his own demons to fight over guilt he holds on to from his past.  And Bridget doesn’t know if she is just a job to him, or if it could be something more.  After putting herself at risk, she finds out the truth.

Is everything they have between them real, or is it just a part he’s learned to play well?  Or, could it possibly be more?


All Janessa had to do was love him and that wasn’t supposed to be hard—until it was. When she finally decides to make a change, a freak accident leaves her with no memory and at the mercy of a stranger. But can he be trusted? 

Shane was seeking vengeance until he found something else. Now, he’s forced to choose between saving one life or avenging another. However, there may be another way if he’s willing to play both sides. But will he be prepared to pay the cost if he’s caught? 

As two strangers get closer, a seemingly unbroken bond is formed. And when truths are revealed, they find themselves not only fighting for their relationship but also their lives. 

This is a clean and wholesome love story about second chances. 


A sci-fi romance that's out of this world!

Despite her joy at her best friend’s wedding on Catica Island, Elissa Haddad can’t help but wonder if she’ll ever find the same happiness for herself. A disastrous relationship has left her doubting everything – herself, her future, and any chance of love. 

A chance encounter with Kyrides Thalet, a handsome stranger with unearthly violet eyes, brings her out of her shell, only to be caught up in intrigue and danger. Kyrides may have captured her heart, but can she trust herself, and him?


Could Ethan & Hasana find their own happy ending?




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