Holly Kane

Who is Holly Kane?

An eternal optimist, lover of travel, reading, writing, family and cats.

I currently live in Australia, where I was born, close to family members. My love of travel has taken me far and wide, often for years a a time. I have lived and worked in England, South Africa and Malaysia as well as passing through many other countries.

I love writing romance books about people who think love has no place in their lives, or that they are unlovable for some reason. Then, of course, they find the one person who is just right for them which makes them want to strive to make that love their own.

Some of my books are paranormal romance with larger than life characters who have special powers or who are not quite human, while others are romances about people who are all too human.

There is no shortage of romance or emotion in my books, however, I strive to keep the romance sweet in nature. There is all the longing, heat, desire and emotion of romance, but the graphic details are kept private, as many readers prefer.

Where you can find me

Contact me, say hello, let me know what type of books you like  or just introduce yourself. I love communicating with my readers.

Upcoming releases

Jessica, caring for her orphaned niece, and Blake, worn down by years of guilt and suffering after seeing his best friend die in battle, thought love was for other people, but Fate had other ideas.

To be published July 28th

A Catica Island Sweet Romance

A Bewitching Paranormal Romance coming soon...

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