Hailey Reede

Author Hailey Reede was born in New York City and has a love of romantic tales about smart women and compelling guys.  She knows that we make our own fate ~ although sometimes karma wags its tail.

Hailey Reede writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense,  As H. E. Reede, she writes Sci-Fi Romance, and as H. Eve Reede, she writes YA and children's fiction. Reede is also an editor, consultant, and speaker; if you live long enough, you get to do a lot of stuff.

To learn more about Hailey Reede, please visit HaileyReede.com, where you can read her blog, and sign up for news and announcements about forthcoming books.

Connect with Hailey at: 

Email:              HaileyReedeAuthor@gmail.com

Twitter:            https://twitter.com/HaileyReede

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For a sweet romance, I hope you'll enjoy My Crush:


Brainy Zoë Ellison has had a crush on gorgeous scholar-athlete Wyatt Rhys since they were in third grade together. Now that they’re juniors in high school, Zoë and Wyatt move in entirely different social circles. But when Wyatt is in danger of flunking calculus and blowing his chance to play football at Harvard, he reaches out for tutoring to the one classmate that won’t make him feel stupid, Zoë. Can Zoë work through her crush to teach Wyatt math, or will Wyatt teach Zoë a life lesson that she’ll never forget?

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