What Is The Catica Island Inspired Romance Book Series?

6 authors of sweet romance, have joined together, thinking it would be nice to create a series of books, released once a week, for the entire summer!

But, we also wanted to make these books all have something in common…

We have been working for weeks, planning, scheming, designing, and of course writing a series of books that take place on the fictional tropical island we created called Catica Island.  Catica is a wonderful destination island for weddings, and since it’s the season of weddings, we decided to create our first series on Catica with the wedding theme in mind.

The first book in the series will be a prologue book that will set everything up.  This book will be completely free - and will be released by June 16th.

Then, every week after, on Thursday, for the duration of the summer, you can expect a new release to enjoy on your weekends!

**So, here are some FAQ:

What is your definition of “Sweet” or “Clean” romance?

Our series is sweet - meaning there is no descriptive sex scenes, vulgarity (minor language will be used on occasion), or gruesome violence.  This series is NOT faith based - meaning there is no religious undertones whatsoever.

Do I have to buy every book to understand what is happening in the other books?

Nope - each book is completely a standalone book, with mention of other characters and places you will get to know on the island.  You can read them in any order, and if you skip one or two, you won’t be confused at all :)

**We are breaking new ground for a book series in the clean and sweet category of books by crossing different genres.  

These books are clean, and they focus on the love between two people, and with that in mind, we have included a book that will have a gay couple.  We believe that everyone deserves love, and there are readers out there who believe it too - but who would normally not be inclined to read something in that genre.

However, we also believe there are many, many people who will want to read a beautiful, clean love story showing a gay couple too.

We will also have one story that spans the sci-fi romance, moving into love between an earth woman and someone from out of this world…

*Of course, as mentioned above, if any of the stories that are released aren’t something you would be interested in reading, you aren’t required to read it to stay up with what is happening in the series.  No one is required to read all of the books - as mentioned, they are all completely standalone books.

If you are still interested, and believe you would LOVE to be notified of the books as they are released, we have set up a group just for Catica Island!  (Of course, this will be a special fan group, with fun giveaways just for you!)

I hope you will join us there, along with the other readers who are excited to see what the series will bring!

The group will be a place to discuss the books, share your feedback, meet other readers, mingle with the authors - and of course, get first notice of deals, releases and giveaways just for members!

It’s going to be a fun place to hang out, and you can tell everyone you are spending the summer on the tropical island of Catica!

Hope to see you there!



If you don’t want to join the fan group, you can still like our fan page to get new release updates…






PS:  We are still in the process of setting up pages and getting everything ready, so please hang with us until we get everything ready to go :) We promise it will all be worth it!

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